Marlins Return Colin Rea to Padres for Luis Castillo

Apparently, all trades AREN’T final.

The recent 7-player trade that sent Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea to the Marlins for prospects, including highly-touted pitcher Luis Castillo, is now unfolding.

Colin Rea had one start with the Miami Marlins once acquired by the playoff-pushing club. Rea lasted until the 4th inning, only to be removed due to elbow soreness. It was reported he had pain in his elbow before he made the start that day.

According to Ken Rosenthal’s twitter account, the Marlins are back-pedaling on this trade. After Rea departed his first start with the Marlins, they placed him on the Disabled List.

The speculation from the Marlins front-office has to be that they are livid that AJ Preller and the Padres sent them ‘damaged goods,’ in reference to Rea. This would mean that AJ Preller knew of Colin Rea’s condition and sneakily tried to pawn him off on the Marlins. No one will know for sure though, and it could be argued that the Marlins should have done their due diligence before making a trade.

The details have not exactly been released, but something leads us to believe that Rea’s injury made the trade, or part of it, null. This is further outlined by the fact  that the Padres have to send Luis Castillo back to the Padres. This has to disappoint Padres brass, considering Castillo was the #6 rated prospect in the Marlins organization (they also required #2 prospect 1B Josh Naylor in the trade). He has had a terrific 2016 season in the minors (2.25 ERA), so the disappointment has got to be there. The Marlins may have actually demanded a separate trade to make today’s transaction, but that remains to be seen.


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