Eibner To Athletics For Burns

The Kansas City Royals kicked off the weekend by making a deal with the Oakland Athletics that sends outfielder Brett Eibner out to California in exchange for outfielder Billy Burns.

In 26 games this season for the Royals, Eibner batted .231 with 6 doubles 3 home runs and 10 driven in. Eibner was recently sent back down to Omaha when Lorenzo Cain returned from the DL.

Burns, just a year younger than Eibner, has played in each of the last three seasons with Oakland’s squad for a total of 73 games. In those games he batted .234 with 11 doubles 4 triples and 12 runs batted in. Burns also finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year category in 2015.

Essentially this deal is just a swap of outfielders, both are relatively equal in overall abilities, with maybe a slight edge to Burns as far as speed, having 43 career stolen bases already, while Eibner may have a little more power overall. You could make an argument for both sides coming out on top in this deal as both players look to be rising young talent in the years to come, and the respective teams picking them up just might be the place that this happens.



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