Padres (finally) Trade Andrew Cashner & Colin Rea to the Miami Marlins

The long awaited Andrew Cashner trade has finally come to fruition as San Diego trades him to the Miami Marlins, Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors reports. Cashner was among the Padres most rumored players to get traded in recent weeks and it is now a reality. The formerly longest tenured Padre (since 2012) has been inconsistent at best this season, posting a 4-7 record with a 4.79 ERA. Cashner’s 2016 stats aside, his good outings in recent weeks have strengthened his trade value.

The power pitcher was said to be sought by numerous different clubs, some even seeing him as a potential bullpen guy. It remains to be seen what his role will be with Miami, however, the team was in need of starting pitching as they make their playoff push. Something else to point out is the fact that the Marlins already acquired former Padres closer Fernando Rodney, so chances are Andrew Cashner will keep his role as a starter.

The surprise that came with this trade on Friday morning was the fact that it also included the Padres young starting pitcher Colin Rea. The right-handed pitcher has shown some promise this year for the Padres, although his stats don’t necessarily paint the picture. The second-year pitcher has started 18 games in his first full year on the big-league club, going 5-5 with a 4.98 ERA. Again, although the stats don’t look exciting, he is a very young player who has showed a lot of promise this season. He is projected to be a middle-of-the-rotation guy in the next couple of years.

Although the addition of Rea to the trade is surprising, it seems as though on paper that AJ Preller and the Padres did good in the trade. In return for the two starting pitchers (they also shipped minor league reliever Tayron Guerrero), the Padres will receive 4 players. The headliner in the trade for the Padres has got to be 1B Josh Naylor, who was the Marlins #1 first basemen prospect and #2 overall prospect in the organization. Interestingly, the once traded-for-a-1B Cashner (remember Anthony Rizzo to the Cubs?), is now essentially trade again for a first basemen. The Padres also receive right-hander Jarred Cosart, injured reliever Carter Capps, and another minor league prospect in righty Luis Castillo.

Josh Naylor looks to be a pretty promising player. Just last year in 2015 he was a 1-st round pick, being selected 12th overall by the Miami Marlins in the draft. This year at the age of 19, his first year in A-ball, Naylor has batted .269 with a .747 OPS, 54 RBI and 9 home runs in 89 games. He may be the first basemen of the future for the Padres, but this then makes you wonder about Wil Myers who many assume will be the player that AJ Preller builds around for the next few years. Maybe they are just preparing Josh Naylor for another trade in the future, or maybe AJ Is really just trying to get the farm system back up to respectability.

Jarred Cosart was once said to be a solid prospect, but he has since proven otherwise in the last couple of years. He is merely a throw-in player at this point. Although currently injured, Carter Capps appears to be a pretty solid relief pitcher on paper, posting a 1.10 ERA this season, although his ERA sits a 3.99 for his 4-year MLB career. He seems like a guy that can immediately help the Padres weak bullpen once healthy. Luis Castillo may be the steal in this whole deal. He has been pretty consistent through his minor league career, logging a 2.71 career ERA, and a 2.25 ERA in high A-ball this year. Look for him to breakout into the majors in the next year.

We already all knew this, but this trade further puts the stamp of “Sellers” on the Padres for 2016. This trade also represents 2 more starting pitchers being shipped off in trades this season. Add in the James Shields trade earlier in the season, and the Drew Pomeranz trade more recently, and the Padres have now traded 4 of the starting 5 pitchers they began the season with. The only starter that hasn’t been traded is Tyson Ross, who has been injured since his Opening Day outing. His injury may be a blessing in disguise for Padres fans, considering he has close to no trade-value this season with his injury. He may be the ace of the future that we all thought, but you never know what can happen in the offseason.

One thing to take away from this 2016 MLB Trade Deadline is the fact that last season the Padres made virtually no trades at the deadline. It is unknown if the Padres legitimately thought they still had a chance last year or not, however, they have made some smart moves this year. Still, even with the future in mind, these trades make the Padres 2016 near unwatchable for fans. Hey, at least we still have Wil Myers…

But the real question for Padres fans  (and the rest of the MLB): who is next? The Padres are in full-sell mode, so the trade possibility of Derek Norris, Jon Jay, and even Matt Kemp still looms.


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