The Ups and Downs of the First Half, and a Second Half Look

The Royals had quite the roller coaster first half of the 2016 season, riddled with highlights and low-lights. Let’s take a look back on some of the first half stories in KC and take a quick look towards the final 73 games.

The Downs

Jarrod Dyson

Before the season could even start, outfielder Jarrod Dyson had already made a trip to the DL. Missing just the first 10 games of the season, Dyson’s absence wasn’t greatly missed, but his base-running abilities, as always, hurt a little.

Mike Moustakas & Alex Gordon

The biggest story that came out of the first half for Kansas City was that Mike Moustakas, who only played in 27 games, was out for the year with a torn ACL after colliding with Left Fielder Alex Gordon, who also went on the DL for a few weeks.

Brett Eibner

One of the the minor league call-ups when Gordon went down, Brett Eibner came out with a bang, and also went down quickly with a brief injury while running down a fly ball. While Eibner didn’t stay out long, it still was yet another blow to the Kansas City defense.

Omar Infante

In his 3rd year with the team, Omar Infante needed to prove himself early on that he was here to stay after struggling greatly near the end of the 2015 season. And early on, he did just that. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and the team had no choice left than to cut him, if they wanted to remain successful.

Lorenzo Cain & Wade Davis

Two of the potential 6 all-star players on the roster were in Cain and Davis, unfortunately within mere weeks of the break, both were sidelined to the 15 day DL and unable to finish out the first half or make the All-star squad.

Starting Pitching

Probably the biggest blow to the first half of the season came from the starting pitching. 4 of the 5 starters come break time, were not having good years at all. Edinson Volquez, Yordano Ventura, Ian Kennedy and Chris Young(who in the last week was moved to the pen). Each one had  rather Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde first halves, being lights out one day, and terrible the next.

The Ups


now that we’ve seen the injury ridden, Hyde like first half woes, let’s take a look at some major pros. First and foremost, aside from Moustakas, after the break ends everyone else should be coming back healthy and striving toward staying that way.

Rising Stars

Even though there were many injuries throughout, the Royals were able to stay afloat with their minor league call ups: Whit Merrifield, Brett Eibner, and Cheslor Cuthbert. Danny

Danny Duffy 

Duffy has been consistently good for the team out of the rotation and has the ability to be an inspiration the the remaining starters as they finish out the season.

Looking Ahead

The Royals are a second half team, they are the kings of comebacks, and the epitome of the underdog. No matter what the experts say, this team always has something to prove. They will fight until the final game, and the final pitch, just to show, they are relentless, they are fighters, and they are champions. Two years ago, the team was 50-50 at the all-star break, and 8 games out of first place. That same team went all the way to game 7 of the World Series. The 2016 Royals, are sitting at 45-44 and 7 back at the break. While the first half of the season may have seemed bleak, it was only half of a season, there is still plenty of baseball left to play, and plenty of time for the Royals to work their comeback magic.


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