Top 10 Hitters That Could Be Moved at the Trade Deadline

It’s July, which means that it is trading season in the MLB. Many teams view this month as an opportunity to load up for the playoffs or acquire youth to rebuild for the coming seasons. Today we will take a look at the top ten offensive players that could be headed to new teams in the next few weeks.

1) Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Rockies

Carlos Gonzalez is having another great year at the plate for the Rockies. He is hitting .321 with 18 homeruns and 51 RBIs. He is the best offensive bat that could be available at the deadline, but may not be headed anywhere if the Rockies are still contenders. He is best suited for a team that desperately needs an outfield upgrade.

Potential Landing Spots: Indians, Mariners, Tigers

2) Ryan Braun, OF, Brewers

Ryan Braun is looking great at the plate this season, batting .328 with 13 homeruns and 44 RBIs. Braun would certainly boost any offense in the MLB, but there is always a concern of an injury with him. He is best suited for a contending team that has enough depth in the outfield to give him some days off to ensure he stays healthy.

Potential Landing Spots: Royals, Blue Jays, Indians

3) Yunel Escobar, 3B, Angels

Yunel Escobar is one of the best contact hitters that could be a trade chip in the upcoming weeks. He is hitting .318 this year and can play multiple infield positions. He is not going to hit for much power, but he is a great top of the order guy to have. He is best suited for a team needing a third basemen or middle infielder.

Potential Landing Spots: Mets, Royals, Astros

4) Jonathan Lucroy, C, Brewers

Jonathan Lucroy is one of the best hitting catchers in the MLB. He has an affordable contract and would start on almost any team. Lucroy is best suited for any playoff contender that is looking for an offensive upgrade at its catcher position.

Potential Landing Spots: Rangers, Marlins, Tigers

5) David Freese, 3B, Pirates

David Freese has performed very well with the Pirates, slashing .289/.365/.420. What makes him a trade candidate is his affordable salary and the Pirates depth in the left side of the infield. He is best suited for a team that has a good offense already, which allows him to hit behind guys that are getting on base.

Potential Landing Spots: Mets, Royals, Astros

6) Josh Reddick, OF, Athletics

Josh Reddick owns a .313 average this season, but has missed some time due to an injury. This is the perfect time for the A’s to cash in on him because he is hitting significantly above his career batting average and is at his all-time high value. He is best suited for a team that needs an outfielder that can play all three positions.

Potential Landing Spots: Indians, Mets, Royals

7) Jay Bruce, OF, Reds

Jay Bruce is currently hitting .268 with 17 homeruns and 60 RBIs. He is a solid lefty bat that could be very useful in the middle of any team’s order. He is best suited for a team looking to add a corner outfielder with some pop.

Potential Landing Spots: Rangers, Mets, Royals

8) Chris Carter, 1B, Brewers

Chris Carter has a poor batting average (.229), but makes up for it in power. He has 20 homeruns thus far and can absolutely launch baseballs. He is best suited for an AL team because he is mainly a DH, but has shown that he can play 1B for any team as well.

Potential Landing Spots: Astros, White Sox, Pirates

9) Danny Valencia, 3B, Athletics

Danny Valencia is enjoying a nice season in Oakland, slashing.308/.358/.500. He is capable of playing third base, first base, and can also play the outfield if needed to. His versatility makes him a potential acquisition option for most contending teams.

Potential Landing Spots: Mets, Royals, Marlins

10) Zack Cozart, SS, Reds

Zack Cozart seems to be the best shortstop option guaranteed to be available for this year’s deadline. He is hitting .264 with 11 homeruns and 33 RBIs. Cozart could provide valuable infield depth for any contender, but could also assume a starting role as well.

Potential Landing Spots: Orioles, Yankees, White Sox


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