Mariners Make Epic Comeback To Take 3 Out Of 4 In The Home/Away Series Against The Padres

By: Joey Segur

Grant M. Haller/Seattle Post Intelligencer
Grant M. Haller/Seattle Post Intelligencer


“Refuse To Lose” is a slogan I can see making a comeback with the way Jerry Dipoto has made the Mariners this season. Don’t get me wrong, “True To The Blue” is so fitting with how us fans have stuck with our Mariners over the years of disappointment, but I feel after tonight that we may have moved past that. My question to you fans is should we bring back the “Refuse To Lose”, keep “True To The Blue”, or simply make a new season slogan of “Two Outs So What!”?

If you didn’t catch tonights game it was one we haven’t witnessed in the history of the franchise. After 5 innings of play, the Mariners were down 12-2. Normally you would either keep the game on as background noise, change the channel or simply just go to bed. For those who did I am sorry you missed greatness as the Mariners came back from a 10-run deficit to beat the Padres 16-13. The Mariners were the first team to make a 10-run comeback since 2009 and the first team since 1990 to make a comeback in 9 innings of play after being down by 10 runs after 5 innings. Gotta love baseball stats!!!

What seems to keep the Mariners games alive are three key players, Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and the scorching hot Kyle Seager. All three of these amazing players have brought in a total of 122 RBI’s, combined batting average of .295 and combined 37 homers. It seems the Cano/Cruz/Seager combo is one of the best in Baseball, but you can’t put all the success on those three. Dae-Ho Lee has been one heck of an addition to the Mariners roster offensively, which surprises me a lot that he isn’t starting most of the games at first base.

The Mariners now face their biggest match up this season so far, a 3 game series against the Texas Rangers. The Mariners and Rangers are both tied for the 2nd best record in the American League. The Rangers and Mariners are also both tied for 1st in the AL west, so this will be a clutch series for both organizations. The Mariners will be without King Felix, Ketel Marte and Leonys Martin, so if the Mariners can take two games in the three game series I will be extremely happy.

A few downsides of working 2nd shift is not being able to watch the games live. Im really only able to check the score while on my breaks or lunch which sucks, especially when they come back like the Mariners did today. Another downside is not being able to type out a good game recap as the game plays out. Instead I put out articles around 2am and get little views because honestly it’s 2016, you either watched the game, read up on it already on Facebook, Twitter or the amazing MLB At Bat app, or are in bed like most normal humans. But I am one lucky fella because the series I have been looking forward too will be on this weekend, so I hope I am able to put out some good game recaps that you will all enjoy. With that said, “Refuse To Lose” because we are all “True To The Blue” and if it’s “Two Outs So What!”


Go Mariners!


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