Royals Looking For A Turning Point In Current Slump

By: Jon Van Pelt


The Royals entered New York Wednesday night looking to start climbing out of a deep hole they had dug themselves winning just three games in their last fourteen games. The team just seemed to not be able to put anything together; If the offense wasn’t struggling it was the pitching, and if the pitching wasn’t struggling it was the defense, and if it wasn’t the the defense it was the offense. Nothing has seemed to be working out for the team.

Wednesday’s game, was a much different one to say the very least. The offense didn’t waste any time getting runs as they put up a four spot before Ventura even took the mound, thanks in part to a 3-run bomb by Salvador Perez. Ventura, who has historically been bad his first few innings each time he takes the hill, now had 1738% more confidence, given four runs to play with. He did give up two runs in the second inning and a run in the fifth, but managed to limit the damage to those three and had a quality outing, going six innings. The, bats did not stop at four runs however, scoring two in the fifth on a Cain hit, and one in the sixth on a Morales homer. Ventura and the Royals now turned things over to the pen, which had been struggling of late, but managed to hold the Bronx Bombers scoreless through three relief innings. The Royals look to keep pressing forward tomorrow in the series finally with the Yanks, hoping to split the series 2 and 2 before returning home to play the Atlanta Braves for 3 games this weekend.


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