Young and Soria’s Spots in KC

By: Jon Van Pelt

MLB: ALDS-Houston Astros at Kansas City Royals
CBS Sports

The Royals dropped their first series of the year to the Oakland A’s winning just one of three games in Oakland over the weekend. Many are starting to question the choices made in the rotation and in the bullpen concerning Chris Young and Joakim Soria. So far three of the Royals four losses have come with Chris Young on the mound, and the other with Soria in the pen giving up the eventual game winning run. Now fans are questioning whether or not these two should be where they are in the roster.

First off with Chris Young, aside from one Start against the Astros, he has had decent outings at the very least. His first, came against the Mets where he gave up two runs in one swing of the bat, but held the Mets scoreless throughout the remainder of his outing. The biggest factor in the loss, was not Young’s pitching, which was still strong. The biggest factor, was run support, as the team was shutout, despite having several big scoring opportunities. The same may be said of his third start in Oakland Saturday, where he allowed four runs, and was only given two in support. His only start that was totally just a bad start, was the opener in the Houston series where he got shelled giving up 6 runs in four innings of work.

As for Soria, his season got off to a rough start when he gave up three runs in the season opener against the Mets in two-thirds of an inning. He has since bounced back giving up just two runs and five hits over the next 6 starts. Still not what many fans are used to out of a KC pen, but his improvements should give many fans confidence that he is getting things under control.

Overall the Royals are off to a very good start as they remain tied atop the central division, as well as the League. Mechanically, the two may be a little rusty, but so has the offense in many games, as they have won by the slimmest of margins many times already this season. As the saying goes, you’ll win 54 and lose 54, it’s what you do with the other 54 that determines where you’ll be come October. As early as it is, there are far too many games left to even begin questioning what is happening with the Royals.


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