M’s Offense Continues To Struggle Losing Fourth Straight Game

By: Joey Segur

Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Tom Pennington/Getty Images


Well it’s seems the Mariners offensive struggles continue early into the 2016 season as they continue to lose and give no support to their pitching rotation and bullpen. After being swept by Oakland in series opener at Safeco Field they drop game one of three to the Texas Rangers. The Mariners have been outscored 18 to 7 in the past four games, one of those games included a stellar performance by Felix Hernandez who struck out 10 over 7 innings without giving up a run. The blame for the offense has always pointed to the stadium itself, but that doesn’t really make sense when other teams are getting a solid amount of hits and seem to have no problem parking the ball in outfield bleachers and seats. So why can’t the Mariners score at home? Is it lack of team chemistry or are they trying too hard to hit a long ball? Just in case they don’t know base hits win games, so maybe try to hit around the shift and slap the ball into the outfield.

Nelson Cruz, Leonys Martin, and Chris Iannetta seem to be the most consistent hitters this season, being the only three hitters close to batting .300 and Martin being well over .350 average. But obviously they can’t be the one to win games. Early signs of blame point to Adam Lind, Ketel Marte for his hitting and errors on the field, Kyle Seager and Robinson Cano for their lack of appearance at the plate. It seems Cano has gone silent ever since his amazing start to the season where he hit 4 homers in three games. Being a long time Mariners fan I’m use to their being a lack of offense and a lot of losing. I’ll be the first to tell fans that there is still 154 games left, now is not the time to panic. The team is still working out some bugs, let them put a stretch of winning series together and see how their attitude changes in the dugout. 

The Mariners start game two of three in the 2nd home series at 7:10 where Wade Miley takes on Derek Holland. Lets hope they can put some hits together and see a 5 or more runs on the board. Go M’s!!!


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