Cano On Pace For 162 Homers This Season

By: Joey Segur

Lon Horwedel/ICON SMI
Lon Horwedel/ICON SMI

Well obviously Robinson Cano, probably the hottest hitter during spring training for the Mariners and now leading the Mariners in home runs, will not get 162 home runs this season, but he sure is on pace for it! There are three things I am LOVING about my M’s this season.

1: The bullpen hasn’t allowed a run at all, not one and striking out a bunch! I know it’s only the second game but to start the season off like this will build confidence among the bullpen.

2: Chris Iannetta. Do I need to say anymore? Last year the Seattle Mariners catchers struggled to even hit a foul ball and not swing at something in the dirt. Baseball Legend Bob Uecker once said “The best way to catch a knuckleball is to wait for it to stop moving then pick it up”, the Seattle Mariners catchers would say the best way to hit a baseball is to swing at anything and hope you make contact. Iannetta has been an amazing improvement at catcher position showing complete control and confidence at the plate. During their first game of the season I had some worry about his arm strength and reaction time throwing to second base to catch runners stealing, but he regained my confidence when he threw out the speedy Elvis Andrus at 2nd base in the second inning on Tuesdays game. Iannetta’s OBP is at an amazing .857 while his batting average is at .750. I am thrilled to see this much production out of the catchers spot so far this season.

3: The third and final part of this is obviously last year’s let down, Mr. Robinson Cano. Man has he been lights out ever since his first swing of the season, which was a home run if you didn’t know. Going into this year I felt a lack of faith from this man’s production due to his last year stats and the fact he burnt me on Fantasy Baseball. But seeing him destroy the cover off the ball and hearing it scream all the way to someone’s glove in deep right field has made me happy. The Mariners 3/4/5 spot in the batting order has proven to be one of the best with Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager. Let’s just hope they stay healthy and productive.

Lets get to the game on tuesday, in which the Mariners offense sure seemed ready to perform. Now I’m sure King Felix was super happy his team was winning, but you have to imagine how pissed deep down inside he was that they decided to show up today when all he needed was two more runs (and two less errors). As I stated before Cano smashed his 2nd Homer of the season, then Cruz and Seth Smith tanked their first and Luis Sardinas hit a two run Homer after Chris Iannetta got hit in the thigh by former Mariner and the complete opposite MVP of the game Tom “The Bartender” Wilhelmsen. The Bartender ended up being ejected from the game after he hit Iannetta in the thigh. It’s not clear if the umpire ejected him because he thought it was an intentional hit by pitch, or he wanted to show mercy to the Rangers team after he gave up 5 runs without recording an out. Can you guess what Buzz Lightyear and Tom Wilhemsen’s ERA have in common? They’re both To Infinity and Beyond. 

The Mariners take game two in an exciting 10-2 victory, but sadly no victories yet for the M’s starting pitchers. Wade Miley will make his Mariner debut and try to secure game three and the series against the Rangers. After Jerry Dipoto and Scott Servais received their first Mariners victory today, I’m sure they are ready to get the ball rolling and break the potential 15 year playoff drought. Thanks for reading fans and GO M’S!!!!



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