Rockies Sign Arenado to Avoid Arbitration

By: Jason Mumm

Nolan Arenado
The Rockies signed 3B Nolan Arenado to a 1-yr deal worth $5 million to avoid arbitration. Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu, however, were not able to reach a deal by the deadline. (Justin Edmond/Getty Image)

The Colorado Rockies were able to successfully avoid arbitration with Nolan Arenado by reaching a $5m deal for the 2016 season with their star third baseman.  Seeing as how some had projected Arenado’s arbitration value at $6.7m, the Rockies are probably grinning from ear to ear to be paying bottom dollar for the gold glover who led the NL in home runs and RBI in 2015 with 42 and 130, respectively.  2016 marked Arenado’s first year of eligibility for salary arbitration, a year ahead of normal due to his league leading performance qualifying him as a Super-Two.  Under MLB rules, he has two more years of arbitration eligibility before he can become a free agent for the 2020 season.

The Rockies were also in negotiations with gold-glove second baseman DJ LeMahieu and center fielder Charlie Blackmon.  According to reports, LeMahieu requested a $3.3m salary and the Rockies offered $2.8m.  Blackmon, on the other hand, file dfor $3.7m and the club offered $2.9m.   Both players will appear at an arbitration hearing in February to settle the figures.

The three players were each crucial for the Rockies in 2015.  Arenado led the group with a 4.5 WAR, tops on the club.  Blackmon posted a 2.1 WAR, and LeMahieu 1.9.


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