Kansas City’s New Free Agency Tactic

By: Jon Van Pelt

Denis Poroy/Getty Images North America

The Kansas City Royals are now considering a deal this offseason that, for a long period of time, was unheard of in for the organization. The team is considering signing a free agent that may cause them to lose a first round draft pick.

With the signing of left fielder Alex Gordon in the books, the team now looks to sign a starting pitcher that could help them make another postseason run. A few of the candidates that they could’ve signed have already landed on other teams: Wei-Yin Chen to the Marlins and Scott kazmir to the Dodgers. So who do they go after now? Who is left out there for the 2015 Champions to add to their already impressive roster?

One of the two pitchers who many would like the Royals to sign is former San Diego Padres pitcher Ian Kennedy. Over his 9 year career, Kennedy has a sub 4  ERA through 1,234 and two thirds innings. Kennedy would be a great option for the Royals not only because of his good pitching, but also because he spent some time in New York with Current Royals pitching coach Dave Eiland. The one potential downside to this pick would mean the Royals lose their first round pick in the draft. The other pitcher who is being named as a potential Candidate is free agent Yovani Gallardo, signing him would also cause the Royals to lose a draft pick.

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