Rockies Sign Ottavino to 3-Year Extension

By: Jason Mumm

Adam Ottavino
Adam Ottavino was closing for the Rockies last year before an injury that prompted Tommy John surgery. The Rockies resigned Ottavino today through the 2018 season. (Justin Edmons / Getty Images)

The Colorado Rockies took steps to shore up their bullpen by signing Adam Ottavino to a 3-year extension last Friday.  Ottavino has been a consistent performer in the Rockies bullpen making his way to closer after LaTroy Hawkins struggled last year.  Unfortunately, he was sidelined last year with Tommy John surgery and is not expected to be back with the club until sometime after the 2016 all-star game.  Obviously, the Rockies are confident he will be back to big league form in offering the 30-year old a back-loaded contract that reportedly pays $1.3, $2.1, and $7.0 million in 2016, 2017, and 2018, respectively.

Ottavino is expected to resume closing duties for the Rockies when he’s back to full health.  In the meantime, it may be up to newly acquired Chad Qualls and Jason Motte to share those duties.

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