A’s Swing and Miss on Bartolo Colon

By: Chris Williams

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America

According to Jon Heyman, the Oakland Athletics were said to have made a run at Bartolo Colon before Colon agreed to a one-year $7.5 million deal to return to the Mets.  The A’s throughout the past number of years have enjoyed signing pitchers long thought past their expiration (whether via age or injuries) on short, cost controlled contracts like the original signing of Colon, as well as Scott Kazmir and Ben Sheets.  Two out of three of those deals turned out to be worth the money, one of them ended up being $10 million down the drain.  This is the risk you take with aging/injury prone pitchers whom may or may not have another good year (or many in the case of Colon and Kazmir) left in them.

This leads me to Kazmir, who more than likely, is also being courted by the A’s to make a second run with the team.  Kazmir’s success the last few seasons may make him slightly more expensive than his first run, but with the lack of proven (and healthy) arms behind Sonny Gray, paying a couple extra million in a one year deal may be the only option the A’s have to shore up the starting rotation.  The A’s maximized their first run with Kazmir by using him for 1.5 years and trading him for half-a-season to the upstart Houston Astros whom he helped to win the AL West.  Only time will tell what else Billy Beane and company have up their collective sleeves.

Do you wish Colon had signed with the A’s?   Is Kazmir a smarter choice?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments.


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