Defending The Crown

By: Jon Van Pelt

Kansas City Star/Getty Images
Kansas City Star/Getty Images

In 2015 the Kansas City Royals proved they had what it took to win a championship, now it is time for them to prove they can defend the title. With the news of Ben Zobrist, and more than likely Johnny Cueto, not returning to Kansas City following the 2015 season, the 2015 champion Royals nation is now in the hunt for another world series bound roster.

The Royals are in need of two things: an outfielder and a starting pitcher. With the loss of Alex Rios and Alex Gordon to free agency the corners of Kauffman are looking pretty bleak right now. Although Dayton Moore has stated that Utility outfielder Jarrod Dyson will join Lorenzo Cain as an everyday player come 2016, it is yet to be determined where he will play, which will be figured out once a third outfielder has been acquired.

As to who might be joining the speedy outfield in Kansas City, there are many thoughts floating around. The Cincinnati Reds has talked with the Royals about a potential trade bringing Todd Frazier to Kansas City; the Royals are at the head of the pack when it comes to a potential trade there, but the question of who would be given up, is fresh on the minds of all in Kansas City. Another potential candidate is outfielder Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies. However, the Nationals appear to have the most interest in that trade.

While Frazier and Gonzalez would be great additions to this roster, the option many fans would like, as would the team itself, would be to keep Gordon at all costs. While this may hurt the team over the next few years due to the core of the team having contracts up and his injury proneness, he could, however, with his gold glove caliber defense and solid offense help lead this team to another World Series run.

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