Yankees and Cubs Swap Players

By: Daniel Satter

Photo Via MLB.com
First off, the MLB Off-Season is rolling and cannot stop. After, the Cubs signed Zobrist they packaged up Starlin Castro to the Yankees for Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan. This deal was reported by a combination of Joel Sherman, Jon Heyman, and Jack Curry.

Now, Starlin Castro to the Yankees gives them a solid up the middle offensively and defensively with Didi Gregorius at shortstop along with Starlin Castro at second base. Castro is only 25 years old and has all the tools to be successful. Castro has a team friendly deal with 4 years remaining with a club option for a 5th year. He is set to make a remaining total amount of $38 mil. Castro had a good 2015 season by hitting a line of .265/.296/.375/.671 with 11 homers and 69 RBIs in 151 games. Castro will bounce back to his old form when he hit .296 in 2014.

Next, the Cubs get help by receiving Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan. Ryan will only be a defensive replacement, but a good one. Ryan does not hit well and in 2015 he had a slash line of .229/.275/.333/.608 with no homers (does not hit many) and drove in 8 RBIs in 47 games. Also, Warren helps the Cubs with his versatility by either pitching from the rotation or bullpen. Right now, Warren is set to be placed in the back end of the rotation. Warren is only 28 years old and had a solid 2015 season. Warren started 17 games out of 43 and threw a total of 131.1 innings with a 7-7 record. Warren punched out 104 batters and walked only 39 batters.

Finally, this deal helps out both teams in key areas and is a win-win situation.


Yankees: A
Cubs: B


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