Tigers Sign 3 Players

By: Daniel Satter

Mark Lowe
Credit: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images
Meanwhile, the Tigers have had a good off-season so far with multiple roster moves and the biggest one by signing Jordan Zimmermann. Now, yesterday and today the Tigers agreed to 3 deals with Mark Lowe, Mike Pelfrey, and Jarrod “Salty” Saltalamacchia.

First, signing Mark Lowe fills a hole in the back end of the Tigers bullpen. The newly revamped bullpen will include Mark Lowe setting up Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez. Lowe will receive a 2 year deal worth $13 mil, according to ESPN’s very own Jerry Crasnick. Lowe revived his career by joining the Seattle Mariners on a 1 year deal for the 2015 season and had a great first half that lead to a trade for Lowe to Toronto. The 32 year old finished the regular season with a 1.96 ERA in 55 innings pitched and struck out 61 batters (10 K/9). Lowe had 57 relieve appearances.

Next, the Tigers needed to get a good backup to young talented catcher James McCann. So the Tigers signed Saltalamacchia to a one year deal worth the league’s minimum rate, but will make $8 mil on his last year of his former Marlins contract and the Marlins are paying all of it. Salty had a rough start in the 2015 season that lead to his departure from Miami. After he left Miami he decided to join the Diamondbacks. The 30 year old catcher finished the season with a slash line of .225/.310/.435/.745 with 9 homers with 24 RBIs. Salty only played in 79 games and had 227 plate appearances. The catcher gunned out 19% of the base runners that attempted to steal on him. He was way under the league’s percentage of 28%. Salty brings versatility in the lineup with his switch hitting abilities and leadership in the clubhouse.

Finally, Mike Pelfrey will join the team on a 2 year deal worth $16 mil. Pelfrey is a good pickup because he has experience and can either pitch in the rotation or bullpen. Expect the 31 year old to get a crack at the rotation and if he doe not get the job or if he does and struggles he could join the bullpen. Pelfrey started 30 games and recorded a 6-11 record with a 4.26 ERA in 164.2 innings. Pelfrey only struck out 86 batters (never has struck out more than 120 batters in a season). Pelfrey doe not strike out many batters, but he is good at eating innings.

Overall Grade: B+
Lowe: A
Salty: B
Pelfrey: C+


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