Tigers Make A Splash

By: Daniel Satter

Brian Kersey/Getty Images
Today, The Detroit Tigers made the biggest splash so far in the MLB off-season. The Tigers decided to open their checking books to sign dominate right hander Jordan Zimmermann. Zimmermann is 29 years old and cashed in on a successful stint in Washington.

In fact, Zimmermann got a 5 year deal with no options for $110 mil, according to Jon Heyman.

Now, I said earlier, Zimmermann “cashed in on a successful stint in Washington”, well it is true because Zimmerman went 70-50 in 178 starts, while striking out 903 batters, walking 221 batters, and pitched to a 3.32 ERA in 1094 innings pitched in.

In addition, Zimmermann this past season posted a 13-10 record in 201.2 innings pitched and earned a 3.66 ERA. Zimmermann punched out 164 batters, while only walking 39. His K/9 was low this year compared to 2014 where he had a 8.2 K/9.

Finally, Zimmermann will join Verlander, Sanchez, as the guaranteed starters with a job in the rotation. Norris, Lobstein, Greene, and Boyd will fight for the 4th and 5th spot in the rotation.

 Note: I give this signing an A. This is a win-win for both the Tigers because it helps their rotation and also it helps out Zimmermann who has earned his dues by getting this long term deal.


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