ATHT 2015 Season Awards

By: Kyle May

Danny Moloshok/AP Photo
Danny Moloshok/AP Photo

The Kansas City Royals are the 2015 World Series champions. Now it is time to reflect on this season and determine our awards.

AL MVP – Mike Trout

NL MVP – Bryce Harper

AL Cy Young – Dallas Keuchel

NL Cy Young – Jake Arrieta

AL Rookie of the Year – Francisco Lindor

NL Rookie of the Year – Kris Bryant

AL Comeback Player of the Year – Prince Fielder

NL Comeback Player of the Year – Matt Harvey

AL Silver Slugger – Mike Trout

NL Silver Slugger – Bryce Harper

AL Golden Glove – Mike Trout

NL Golden Glove – Andrew McCutchen

AL Manager of the Year – AJ Hinch (Houston Astros)

NL Manager of the Year – Joe Maddon (Chicago Cubs)

AL Surprise Team of the Year – Houston Astros

NL Surprise Team of the Year – Chicago Cubs

Voters Included: Kyle May, Angels; Joey Segur, Mariners; Brian Endicott, Indians; Joe Botana, White Sox; Daniel Satter, Rays; Ryan Colpitts, Blue Jays; Jim Tsapelas, Cardinals; Ed Cahill, Reds; Todd Bultman, Brewers

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