No More Waiting for Next Year: Cubs Headed to NLCS!

By:  Jim Tsapelas

Photo by: Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post Dispatch

With two out and the Cubs leading by two in the top of the ninth, Cardinals’ leadoff man Matt Carpenter coaxes a single on a line drive to left center.  Next, with the rookie Stephen Piscotty at bat, Carpenter advances to second on defensive indifference.  Piscotty strikes out swinging.  The Cubs were the 2015 NL Division Champions.

The Cardinals season was over; the Cards had advanced from the division round each of the past four seasons.  This year, however, was the year of the Cubs.

Thus ends the 2015 NLDS; and so begins the Chicago Cubs advancement to the 2015 NLCS.  The Cubs shall either be facing the New York Mets or the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS.

In 1989, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale wrote the screenplay to the commercially successful “Back to The Future Part II”.  The movie’s main characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown travel to 2015; where the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.  Art imitating life?  Or, is life imitating art?

By virtue of winning the NLDS, the Cubs are one step closer to making this celluloid prediction a reality.

Following Monday’s night victory over St. Louis, where the Cubs set a MLB record in hitting six home runs in a single playoff game-the Cubs blasted three more on Tuesday to beat the Cardinals six to four in front of a crowd of 42,111 at Wrigley.

The regular season winner of one-hundred games, the Redbirds took game one of the NLDS and lost the next three.  The Cardinals season is done.  The Cubs are continuing in what may prove to be an historic run.

The Cubs last won the NLDS in 2003 by beating the Braves, in Atlanta.  Their 1907 and 1908 World Series victories were also on the road at Bennett Park in Detroit.  Tuesday’s victory was the first time in the one-hundred and one year history of Wrigley Field the Cubs celebrated at home.

From Stephen Piscotty’s home run in the first, which gave the Cardinals an early two to nothing lead, to Anthony Rizzo’s sixth inning home run which broke a four to four tie, to Stephen Piscotty’s game ending strike out; the game was an exhibition of what is best in the game of baseball.

Two deserving teams, one looking to move on to the next round-the other looking to return to St. Louis for yet another NLDS game, gave their all in what, in my opinion, is the greatest sport on Earth.

Congratulations to the Pirates, Cubs, and Cardinals who all represented the NL Central Division in 2015 in postseason play.


Thanks for reading!


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