Harvey Makes a Complete 180 On His Innings Limit

By: Paul DiSclafani

Kathy Willens / AP
Kathy Willens / AP

Just last Sunday, the Mets had a 1-0 lead over the rival Yankees after five innings, when the dreaded “Matt Harvey Innings Limit” reared its ugly head. When Collins pulled a dominant Harvey after just 77 pitches in a game that completely unraveled into an 11-2 loss, media and fans alike (including your humble narrator) went into a frenzy over the decision – regardless who made it: Harvey, his agent, Collins or GM Sandy Alderson.

Talk all week-long was about how Harvey could put his health (and future earnings) ahead of the team’s goal of clinching a postseason spot when guys like David Wright are out on the field risking not only their career, but future health playing every day they can. Maybe he finally heard what was being said about him because he made a complete 180 and suddenly wants to do whatever is necessary to help his team win.

“For all the things that people have said,” Harvey said amid the celebration going on in the Mets locker room after the clincher yesterday, “the last thing I ever want to do is put the ball down, and we’re on our way to October. I’m going to be there. I’m going to be fighting every time I get the ball.”

Just this past Tuesday, following the debacle against the Yankees, Harvey approached Collins and said he had to talk to him. Collins said, “It was the way he said it. I could tell something was eating at him.” Harvey wanted Collins to know that he was on board with what needed to get done, and that this was coming from him.

“I think Matt was frustrated by what happened in the Yankee game,” Collins said, “He got caught in the middle of this thing, and as I’ve said all along that he’s a good teammate, but some guys in that clubhouse got turned off by it.”

Gee – that’s exactly what I wrote last Monday, just before Harvey had his conversations with Collins. Hmmm….

Harvey gutted out six innings during Saturday’s clincher and wanted the ball after he finished the sixth inning. Collins told Harvey that the Mets were ready for 7-8-9 in the bullpen, but Harvey told him, “Let me go back out there.”

Looks like The Dark Knight is back!


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