Down On The Farm: Boog Powell

By: Daniel Satter

Photo Via
Photo Via
First, Powell was part of the Zobrist deal that shipped him to Tampa from Oakland. Powell is a left handed throwing and hitting outfielder who is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs at 185 pounds. Powell’s first season in the Rays organization was a success. Powell started the season in double-a and got called up to triple-a right around the half point mark of the minor league season. Powell was called up because he was ready to move up and was just killing double-a pitching. Powell was hitting .328 (78-for-238). Powell also stole 11 bases and he is also a really good defender. Powell has a plus glove with a huge arm. Powell totaled up this season an impressive 11 assists. Powell in triple-a batted .257 (58-for-206).  The 13th ranked prospect in the Rays minors overall season ended with a batting average of .295 (131-for-444), 3 homers, 40 RBIs, 18 stolen bases. Powell also tallied up 16 doubles and 9 triples. Boog Powell lacks power, but more work can lead to a power surge. Boog can potentially hit 10 homers a season. Powell has speed and looks like a slap hitter that will earn more singles and doubles in the pros. Powell in he future could be a lead-off hitter or a number 2 hitter with his skills set. This Boog Powell is the complete opposite of the former Oriole Boog Powell. The Rays Boog Powell looks like the next Brett Gardner in the making with just a bigger arm in the outfield.

Note: Oakland drafted Powell 619th overall in the 20th round in the 2012 MLB Draft.


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