Yankees Look to Top Mets in Three Game Series

By: Johnny Losada

John Dunn/The New York Times
John Dunn/The New York Times

I can speak for many Major League Baseball fans when I say we have been waiting to see the New York Yankees and New York Mets face off. There has been a lot of talk between the two teams lately about who is the best team in New York, and as of late many would agree the New York Mets are the stronger team. The Mets have an excellent starting rotation, great lineup, and a very good closer is Jeursy Familia. As for the New York Yankees they have been plagued by injuries however they have managed their lineup very strategically avoiding any major losing streaks. The most recent injury update on Mark Teixeira has been very devastating considering he will miss the remainder of the season. Although we will miss Mark Teixeira in the lineup, Greg Bird has been impressive as of late having hit 7 home runs since joining the team a little after the all-star break. The most exciting part of this meeting is going to be the pitching duel that will take place in the next three games. The Yankees may not have the numbers indicating they have a strong starting rotation, but they should not be taken lightly. The X-factor in this game will be Yoenis Cespedes, this man has been on a tear and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The series starts Friday September 18th at Citi Field which means pitchers will also be hitting. My prediction for this series is the New York Yankees taking 2 out of 3.


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