M’s Crush Angels 10-1Via a Big 7th Inning

By: Joey Segur

Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times
Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times

What a good day to be a Mariners fan as the M’s take game one against the Angels winning 10-1, now making the Angels 4 games back from the wildcard spot. After Erick Aybar hit into a double play scoring David Murphy, Seth Smith decided it was his turn to start an early rebuttal hitting a 2 run shot to right field scoring Robby Cano. Mark Trumbo keeps the hitting alive with a single after the two run Jack. Trumbo ended up scoring after a O’Malley single and a wild pitch with John Hicks up to bat.

The scare of the night came with Shawn O’Malley on second base in the 2nd inning as the catcher tried to pick O’Malley off. As O’Malley was diving back into 2nd his helmet fell off his head and as soon as that happened the ball hit O’Malley directly in the right side of his face. O’Malley ended up escaping an injury and stayed in the game.

Skipping ahead to the 7th inning, the Mariners ended up with 11 batters, 6 hits and 6 runs including run scoring doubles from Cano, Trumbo and Marte. Taijuan Walker had a very dominate performance pitching 7 strong innings while giving up 4 hits, one run that was earned and striking out 7. Walker earned his 11th win of the season stress free as the offense gave him a huge confidence boost scoring all 10 runs while he was on t this mound.

With game one out of the way, the Mariners have a great chance to take the series since Felix Hernandez is on the mound trying to win his 18th win of the season. King Felix has won his last 3 starts and looks to keep the Mariners playoff chance alive. The King still has a chance to get to his career high 19 wins in a season with a win tomorrow. Let’s hope he will be one step closer to that and that the Mariners will be one step closer to their first playoff game in 14 years.


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