New York Yankees Top Atlanta Braves 15-4

By: Johnny Losada

What a start to a blowout game!  The Yankees came out red hot, scoring 5 of 15 runs in the very first inning. That was only the start, and a lot of that credit goes to Didi Gregorius who led all batters with 6 RBI’s.

A total of three home runs were tallied in tonight’s event.  A three run homerun by Didi Gregorius, a three run homerun by Brian McCann, and a solo shot by Chris Young.

The most enjoyable part of the night was watching Masahiro Tanaka dominate the mound. Tanaka pitched 7 strong innings, allowing just 3 runs on just 5 hits. What I noticed was the control Tanaka demonstrated in tonight’s game. Not only did he strike out 7 batters at will, but he knows his role in this lineup. To me, this speaks volumes considering how much of a slump we’ve been in.

Unfortunately Yankee fans received news earlier this afternoon that Mark Teixeira was worried he may have a fracture in his leg. Thankfully a recent interview stated that an Atlanta physician, one who Mark Teixeira use to visit in his Braves days, says his injury is just inflammation, and that he shouldn’t run for a few days. Mark Teixeira has been the force in the lineup, leading all Yankees with 31 homeruns on the season.

Even though we have Greg Bird in our lineup, he is still trying to adjust to the Major League pitching talent. Greg Bird’s batting average since coming up to the Yankees roster is .227, he has 10 hits at 44 plate appearances which is slightly where ESPN has him projected.

In my opinion, I have the Yankees winning 8 out of their next 11 games. If they can find ways to get runs across the plate consistently, their confidence will grow going into the later end of the season where they play the Blue Jays just 6 more times.

The Blue Jays have been really consistent as of late, scoring runs, and their pitching has been pretty good to the point they have a 1.5 game lead on the New York Yankees. We will be watching close as the race for the AL East continues.



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