Mariners Fire GM Zduriencik

By: Nathan Douglas


It is official. The once highly anticipated 2015 Mariners have hit rock bottom. Friday morning marked the end of an era for Seattle baseball, as GM Jack Zduriencik was relieved of his duties with the Seattle Mariners. Hired in 2008, Zduriencik’s job was to get Seattle to the postseason. And with years of patience, 2015 was the last straw as the search for a new GM begins.

Zduriencik made big moves in his quest to guide Seattle to the postseason, retaining ace Felix Hernandez, hiring elite Second Baseman Robinson Cano and in more recent times, acquiring outfielder Nelson Cruz. Although only time will tell whether these moves have ultimately been successful, for the moment the success of the moves can only be judged on a win loss record. And with 0 post season appearances with Zduriecik as GM, it is ultimately a failure.

Jack’s last 2 years in Seattle (2014-15) are reflected in all of his players. Firstly, Zduriencik seemed to have finally gotten it right after years of failure. Luring a big time player to Seattle, as well as failing prospects finally coming good for the organisation, and a bullpen in the conversation as the best in the Majors.

2015 though was a different story. The big time player Cano is hitting .230, Dustin Ackley is struggling to hit the ball at all, Catcher Mike Zunino coming off a 22 home run season, doesn’t even look like getting 22 hits. And then there was the ‘Rodney situation’.

Sums up Jack Zduriencik pretty well huh?

But for Mariners fans, the horror is over. Ackley is with the Yankees, Rodney is with the Cubs, and Mike Zunino is down at Triple-A getting a tune up.

Now the likes of Ketel Marte take the spotlight, as the organisation looks to rebuild to next spring in what has been the worst year of all under Zduriencik.