Braun Hits Milestone Homerun

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Photo via

Ryan Braun became the Milwaukee Brewers homerun leader on Wednesday as the Brewers won 8-7 to avoid a sweep by the Miami Marlins. Braun is now the franchise leader as he passed fan favorite and Hall of Famer Robin Yount for sole possession of first place. Yount achieved the mark while playing 20 years with the Brewers and Braun has done it in just his ninth season and after sitting out 100 games under suspension for using performance enhancing substances. This is where the milestone may get interesting.

I like many others gave Braun the benefit of the doubt when he originally stated the he had not used any PED’s and like all of the others felt duped when the suspension came down and Braun ultimatly came clean so to speak. While a majority of the home town fans have backed Braun and have more or less started to forgive him, crowds on the road have still felt the need to continue to boo him and have not and as it seems will not forgive him.

So here is the question, is this a tainted record that Ryan Braun holds for the career home run lead for the Brewers? My view is this, he served his time for what he did, it doesn’t make what he did right, but the record is his. Now, was it earned fairly? Well….that is up for discussion. My friends from Chicago it seems will never forgive him, but then again it seems like they find any reason to boo anything Ryan Braun does. Robin Yount was one of my favorite Brewers of all time and to think that his record fell to a player that burn the great fans of Milwaukee sort of hurts. However, you can’t go back and take away any of the home runs that were hit while Ryan Braun may have or was using PED’s. So the record is Braun’s and it appears we all just have to live with it, whether we back him or not.



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