Do the Brewers Have a Rival?

Darren Hauck/Reuters
Darren Hauck/Reuters

When it comes to rivalries in baseball, none is bigger than the Yankees and Red Sox. Every time they meet you can basically throw out the records because it’s going to be a tense game.

The Brewers were just swept by the Cubs and it got me thinking, do the Brewers have a rival?

Geographically, the Cubs would be a logical rival. The only thing missing is that these two teams haven’t been good at the same time to have an on field rivalry to develop. There is a rivalry among the fans, but it seems to end there.

Somehow, the MLB has the Minnesota Twins as the Brewers interleague rival. I don’t see any rivalry there whether it be on the field or amongst the fans.

I believe the last true rival was in 2011 when the Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals battled for the NLCS. That season Tony LaRussa complained that the Brewers were changing the lighting on the ribbon boards at Miller Park and would make it darker for the visitors to bat. This turned up the heat among the teams slightly but LaRussa retired and the rivalry died down a bit.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were becoming a rival after Kirk Gibson sounded off about Ryan Braun and then had his pitchers throw inside to Braun. However, Gibson is gone and so went the rivalry.

The Brewers need a true rival. They need to win, and win consistently and develop the rivalry with the Cubs because it looks like the Cubs have a team on the rise. I would love nothing else than to feel the electricity when the two teams meet. Winning can cure this rivalry drought and bring the intensity back.


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