Assessing the Royals’ Acquisition of Johnny Cueto

By: Kyle May

Last year the Kansas City Royals found themselves as an underdog in the 2014 World Series against the San Francisco Giants. In a very close Game 7, the Royals lost to the Giants. After an incredible Cinderella story the Royals that came up just short, the Royals were hit with bad news: they lost their ace James Shields to the Padres. This was horrible news, or was it?

Shields signed with the Padres for $20 million more than the Royals had ever given a player in their entire history. They knew that their chances for Shields were very low, and no serious bids were offered because they needed the salary cap space.

Kansas City had another plan in mind. Jump to the 2015 trade deadline, the Royals have some cap space to play with, it was time for them to make a move. Kansas City traded for a starting pitcher on the Reds by the name of Johnny Cueto, maybe you have heard of him. Mr. Cueto has posted a sub three era the past five years and racks up quite a bit of strikeouts to go along with it. In return for the 29 year-old, the Reds acquired three pitching prospects from the Royals. All three have lots of upside and Finnegan is experienced at the big league level.

Cueto is the final piece of the puzzle for Royals to stage a World Series run. Between a stacked lineup, a good rotation, and an even better bullpen, in fact, arguably one of the best in the league, the Royals are a serious contender for the championship. This may be the beginning of a dynasty. Mark my words, Kansas City is in for a very bright future.